Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Getting you found on the internet

We provide a comprehensive search engine optimisation service to enhance your search engine ranking positons and help you achieve first page results. Improve your conversion rates and generate more revenue by delivering relevant, targeted traffic to your website.

We offer two different options, the first being a 12 phase process which is very much a holistic approach to SEO. This encompasses both 'on-site' and 'off-site' techniques to improve your website's general health and overall exposure. The second option is pay per keyphrase, which is much more 'on-site' orientated and focuses on a series of specific metrics that are known to vastly increase SEO rankings.

The 12 Phase Process

Our SEO packages are completed over a 12 phase process and can be delivered within a 3 month period. If speed isn’t a key factor, the phases can be spread over a longer time period, with each phase being completed at a speed to suit you. Throughout the process, we use 'white hat' techniques to ensure the integrity of your website and therefore business.

We offer a total of 4 different SEO packages; Brand Recognition, Local Coverage, Regional Coverage and National Coverage. The most suitable package for you depends upon your target key phrases and the existing competition within the market.

   No contract or minimum commitment

   You choose which phases to complete

   You choose when to complete them

Pay Per Keyphrase

Alongside our 12 phase process, we also offer a pay per keyphrase option. This option is the result of a huge study carried out to ascertain search engines’ primary ranking factors. The results of which enable us to offer a pay per key phrase approach, designed to drastically improve rankings in a short period of time for a given keyphrase or keyword.

You can target as many keyphrases as you like and can amend them at any stage of the process. You will be charged for each keyphrase on a weekly basis, with the level of charge being dependant upon the competition for that keyphrase.

   No contract, minimum £199 commitment

   You choose which keyphrases to target

   You choose when to stop targeting them

In addition to our search engine optimisation packages, we also provide individual and ongoing services to ensure your website maintains its position and continues to generate the desired level of traffic.

For more information about our search engine optimisation packages please get in touch.