Ecommerce Web Design

Selling your products effectively online

Quinn Creative can offer various ecommerce website solutions including Bespoke, Template or Platform, each of which bring their own benefits depending on your requirements. Factors that could influence your decision include the amount of input on design you would like, functionality, content and customer management preferences and budget.

Design & Development

Whether you choose a bespoke, template or platform solution we always advise a responsive format, meaning the website will change its layout according to the device the user is viewing it on. This optimises the experience for the user and in an ecommerce environment, can be crucial in converting visitors to customers.

A bespoke solution will give you the most flexibility when it comes to design, allowing you to have substantial input in terms of how the final website will look. Template and platform based websites are generally created off the back of an existing design or 'theme', meaning the bulk of the design phase of the project is already completed. We can make ammendments to existing designs or themes, but we advise to keep these to a minimum as it can be time consuming and therefore costly.

All of our websites are created on brand, using colours, fonts, images and supporting elements to emphasise and develop the brand.

Payment Systems

We can integrate a wide range of payment systems including PayPal, Google Wallet, SagePay, RBS WorldPay, Barclays EPQD and more. Each of the payment systems have their own way of integrating into your website, either as a direct integration or via a gateway. A key consideration when choosing your integration type is the storage and security of data associated with the transactions.

If you have a different payment system in mind or would like to discuss the best option for you, please contact us and we will see how we can help.

Content, Product & Customer Management

For our bespoke and template solutions we can create a stand alone content management system to help you keep your website up to date and keep track of your sales and customers. Our systems are created from scratch to your exact requirements, which means they are streamlined, easy to use and not reliant on any other systems. Functionality can be added or removed seamlessly, at relativesly small cost once the system is in place.

We can create management solutions for your products and customers, that are based around your business and fall in line with your existing sales process. Typicaly these include creating a system to handle your products, the variants of each product and how they are priced in terms of the product itself and associated delivery. We can also create bespoke customer account management systemss, including account creation, order acknowledgement and invoicing. A website that works around your business, not the other way around!

For platform based websites, such as WordPress or Magento, the content management system is already in place and is an integral part of the website from the beginning. Whilst plugins and modules can be added to these systems, adding bespoke functionality specific to your business isnt always a simple process. With a huge array of functionlity in place as standard, it isnt always required, but form a usbaility point of view some users find them overwhelming and difficult to navigate.

Maintenance & Support

We enjoy a close, ongoing relationship with many of our clients. Once a website is complete, we continue to provide support on a basis to suit them - ad-hoc, as and when necessary or retainer, whereby we allocate a set amount of time per month.

Typical tasks include updating content (e.g. sliders, products, images and text), adding and improving functionality of the website and supporting content management system, monitoring site performance and health, as well as providing advice and techical support.

These tasks are often overlooked, but they can be integral in moving a website forward. Small modifications to a content management system can improve workflow, saving time and therefore money for a business.

To discuss your ecommerce project further please give us a call.