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Social media pages created on brand for your target market.

Social Media Design.

Social media pages created on brand for your target market, helping to drive sales and increase revenue.

Social media branding is just as important as branding through any other medium, sometimes even more so depending on the industry you serve or products you sell. For most companies it has become an integral tool for acquiring new customers and improving customer loyalty and trust.

Social media provides a platform for instant interaction between a business and its customers and, due to its nature, is where your brand has the potential to grow rapidly. With this in mind, it is essential that your social media page represents your business on a visual level, but also by the message it conveys throughout its content.

For individuals that have already encountered your brand it is crucial that they recognise it within a social media environment. For individuals who haven’t, this is your opportunity to showcase what the brand is about, its message and its ethos.

Branding Your Social Page

A few things to consider when building your business social media page:

  • Showcase your business, brand, product or community
  • Keep designs visually consistent and on brand
  • Ensure content is creative and engaging
  • Use of images vs text
  • Platform rules and guidelines
  • Using the correct image specification for best results – sizing, resolution, and colour mode

Quinn Creative can create and design your social media page on brand for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms, using profile and cover images to set the tone of your page and provide recognition for its visitors.

With graphics created to size, a sharp, professional appearance will ensure you make the right first impression and enhance your brand’s reputation.

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