Packaging Design

A lasting first impression that sells products and grows your brand

Creating a lasting first impression is one of the primary objectives when designing product packaging. You only get one opportunity to make a first impression, so ensure it is the correct one.

Packaging should be seen as an extension of your sales team; it should provide all of the benefits of the product in a simple, well presented manner, outlining why your product is good value and better than the next. Better communication instils trust, which in turn improves brand loyalty.

Your product packaging should communicate with your customer on a visual and emotional level, in line with your brand ethos. Customers buy into the look and feel of a brand as well as the benefits of the product itself. Reinforcing the brand's logo, tagline and message is crucial on both a conscious and subconcious level. It helps the customer understand the brand and therefore improves their relationship with it.

Consistent design will aid recognition when your products are seen on the shelves or through other marketing channels; growing your brand and improving sales in the process.

Quinn Creative can help you transform a packaging trace into print ready artwork for one off products, or a full range. We can develop a new brand or work within the guidelines of an existing brand. Give us a call and see how we can help you.