Logo Recreation

Recreation of your logo in a vector format, supplied in the file type you need.

The problem

All too often we come across established businesses, with established brands that don't have their logo(s) in a suitable format for their requirements. This is a common problem, that isn't usually highlighted until large format printing or signage is required.

Businesses then find themselves in a compromising situation, where they dont have the necessary files to get the desired results and would rather not have to go through a costly, and often unnecessary re-branding process.

The solution

Using 'lossy' raster file formats with poor resolution will result in poor reproduction, often having an impact on the perception of the brand. A vector 'lossless' format is the solution; allowing you to increase the size of the logo without loss of quality.

This is where we come in...

Intellectual property permitting, Quinn Creative can take your logo in a JPG, GIF, PNG or TIFF format and recreate it in a vector format such as AI, EPS or PDF. We can re-supply the new logo in all necessary file formats, so you can update where necessary to ensure consistency.

Although it will effectively be a completely new logo, your existing client base will be none the wiser and you can continue running your business seamlessly without interruption.